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The story so far and our goal at Hawkesmill

Hawkesmill England was conceived in 2012 when I developed an intense love affair with British made products, notably, shoes and boots made in Northampton. I spent every moment I had available learning about handmade products. I visited Crockett and Jones, Tricker’s, John Lobb, and various other English shoemakers and decided to change my buying habits. I would not buy anymore “disposable” clothes, shoes or bags and I would try my hardest to buy products that were well made, from countries that pay their workers properly.

Within a couple of years I had amassed a good collection of products that I was proud to wear. I found these products aged with me and I preferred them to any of the products I used to own. It cost me a bit more in the beginning, but I loved the idea of owning, say, a pair of boots forever, only having to re-sole them when they wore out.

There was just one part of my wardrobe that I didn’t like the look of, my camera bag. Every time I wore it and passed a mirror I couldn’t help thinking I looked like a fisherman. After all, the finest camera bag I could find was simply a fishing bag that was turned into a camera bag. However, the design has stayed pretty much the same. After a while, I just couldn’t wear it anymore.

So, I set myself the task of finding a stylish, durable camera bag that didn’t look like a typical camera bag. And I quickly found out that my options were limited, to say the least. One of the first bags I found was from a U.S. company. They looked great, but when I dug deeper and asked some questions, I found out that their waxed canvas is sourced from India and their fittings from China. The bags were also not manufactured in the U.S. but in the Caribbean. They didn’t seem like good value to me and certainly didn’t follow my ethos of buying quality made products, from places I trust. I couldn’t understand why a person could spend a fortune on a designer handbag, messenger bag, or duffle bag, but there were very few, if any, companies making luxury camera bags, made to last a lifetime. So I decided to create my own.

The process took me over two years before a final product was in hand. It became abundantly clear to me right from the start why there weren’t many companies making high-end camera bags. Namely, making a bag that is stylish, durable and functional is nearly impossible, unless a company is willing to spend the money and develop a bag that meets all those requirements and doesn’t concentrate on the final cost.

That’s what we have done at Hawkesmill. We went to the best manufacturers in England and we gave them the problem of helping us develop the world’s most luxurious, stylish, functional and durable camera bags and accessories. Everything we make is handmade. We use only the finest materials, including canvas and tweed sourced from Scotland, fittings from England and Italy and leather from England, the U.S. and Italy. We also pay the manufacturers properly, who in turn, pay their employees a comfortable living wage. The bottom line is less profit for us, but you, our customer, receive a product that is far superior to anything else out there. And that makes us feel good.

When a company asks the question, “how can we create the best product possible?” instead of, “how can we create the best product for the money?” one finds that the end product is much finer. That’s the goal at Hawkesmill. We will never put out a product that we ourselves wouldn’t use and be proud to own.

Thank you for your interest in Hawkesmill. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Founder of Hawkesmill