Thoughtfully Create the Finest Camera Bags and Straps

We have a very simple goal: we want to create the finest camera bags and leather camera straps available today, regardless of cost. We have become a throwaway society, where products are cheaply produced and quickly discarded for the “newest” and “latest and greatest”. This is extremely evident in photography, where GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is prevalent. Our customers are those that understand the value of a handmade product. And care about provenance and origin of their products.

The concept

Hawkesmill was conceived in 2012. At the time there was a big push for handmade and made in the UK products. However, there was a distinct lack of quality, made in England, stylish camera bags and leather camera straps. So we decided to design and make our own. We visited many of the country’s finest manufacturers and developed a passion for premium, handmade goods.

Creating the finest camera bags and camera straps

The process took us over two years before a final product was in hand. It became abundantly clear right from the start why there weren’t many companies making high-end, luxury camera bags. Namely, making a bag that is stylish, incredibly durable and yet functional is nearly impossible. That is, unless a company is willing to spend the money to develop a bag that meets all those requirements and doesn’t concentrate on the final cost, as so many companies do today.

That’s what we have done at Hawkesmill. We went to the best manufacturers in England and we gave them the problem of helping us develop the world’s most luxurious, durable, functional and stylish camera bags and handmade leather camera straps. Everything we produce is handmade. We use only the finest materials available in the world, chosen for their unique qualities. Our canvas and tweed is sourced from Scotland. Fittings come from England and Italy, while our leather is from England, Belgium, the U.S. and Italy. We also pay the manufacturers properly, who in turn, pay their employees a comfortable living wage. The bottom line is less profit for us, but you, our customer, receive an ultra-premium product, meant to last a lifetime. And that makes us feel good.

When a company asks the question, “how can we create the finest camera bags and camera straps possible?” instead of, “how can we create the best product for the money?” one finds that the end product is much finer. That’s the goal at Hawkesmill. We will never put out a product that we ourselves wouldn’t use and be proud to own.

Our goal is to have photographers using and loving our products. It’s not to make as much money as we can. There are other ways of doing that. We are, simply stated, fans of photography, handmade products and made in England. We know that we are not for everyone. In the same way that a pair of properly make English brogues aren’t for everyone. Some people want the newest, lightest running shoe. And they want it for the cheapest price possible. And that’s ok. But that’s not what we do.

Thank you for your interest in Hawkesmill. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

-The Hawkesmill Family