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New Stockist: Leica Store Mayfair, London

Leica Store Mayfair London, Hawkesmill Straps

There is no question that Leica Camera is, along with Nikon, our preferred camera brand. We have posted about our love affair with Leica on our blog and most of the imagery on our website includes a Leica. We’ve worked with them before in developing products and we admire their history, longevity and brand positioning, […]

Stitched Leather Camera Straps Added


New stitched leather camera straps In the past few months we have had an outcry for additional leather camera straps with stitching, to go along with our riveted leather camera straps. Most of those putting a stitched leather camera strap on their wishlist are Leica users, who are notorious for babying their gear. Rightfully so. […]