Stitched Leather Camera Straps Added


New stitched leather camera straps

In the past few months we have had an outcry for additional leather camera straps with stitching, to go along with our riveted leather camera straps. Most of those putting a stitched leather camera strap on their wishlist are Leica users, who are notorious for babying their gear. Rightfully so. We’ve listened to what you want and we’ve added a stitched version in our popular: Kensington and Oxford leather camera straps.

What’s better rivets or stitching?

We get this question a lot. Even before we extended our range to include more stitched leather camera straps, people wanted to know why we made our Westminster leather camera strap in a stitched-only version, versus the Kensington leather camera strap and Oxford leather wrist straps, which until recently, were riveted only. The simple answer is cost. Hand-stitching costs more than riveting. We want everyone to be able to afford our straps. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing people using our products and if we can reduce the cost without compromising quality, we will. We launched a rivet version only first in order to make our straps as accessible as possible. The stitched version now gives our customers an additional option. Why would I choose a hand-stitched leather camera strap over a riveted one, or vice versa? This is completely up to you. Some of the reasons for choosing a stitched leather camera strap could be:
  1. You are worried about scratching your camera. Although it would be almost impossible for the rivets we use to do so, we understand it is an issue that comes up when shopping for a leather camera strap.
  2. Aesthetically stitching appeals to you more than a rivet.
  3. If you want a product that has the most amount of craftsmanship and workmanship to it.
Are there reasons why a rivet would be preferred? Again, this is entirely up to the user. However, an argument could be made that a riveted strap is less prone to human error. After all, stitching can be cut if one is not careful. It can be burned, nicked, etc. So there is an element of safety that comes with a riveted camera strap. A large rivet will generally not be faulty as the machine that is used during production creates a tight seal, that is as perfect and safe as humanly possible to get. If you have any questions about rivets, or stitching pop them down below. What do you prefer and why? Want to see us make a strap that we currently don’t sell yet? Or maybe you just want us to expand our current range. Let us know!

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